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Brigido’s signature fresh produce market is committed to providing you with the finest and widest variety of fresh, high-quality fruits and field-fresh vegetables every time you visit. We carry a wide selection of seasonal and healthy favorites, everything from Bag Salads to Organics to Locally Grown Produce.

During the spring and summer months, we partner with local regional farms to supply our stores with the freshest produce available – from Farm to Table. As our neighbors and friends, these farmers have committed to supplying our stores with the best variety of fruits and vegetables — fresh from their farms to our stores and your refrigerator.

For your convenience, we also offer pre-washed, pre-cut fruit and vegetables, plus cooking herbs, salads, dips and dressings, refrigerated juices, nuts and dried fruit in our fresh produce market.

We work to provide produce grown using Good Agricultural Practices to ensure food safety, freshness and the highest quality for our customers. Our quality standards are higher than other retailers — we will turn down produce that does not meet our standards of sizing, quality or freshness.

If you are looking for a fresh produce market, stop in and visit one of our RI independent grocery markets today. Our friendly produce managers will be willing to assist and provide you, our valued customer, with the freshest and finest in produce.  Please contact Brigido’s Fresh Market for all of your produce needs

"When words escape, flowers speak"

- Bruce W. Currie
  • Colorful Mixed Bouquets
  • Roses
  • Cut Flowers
  • Fresh Arrangements
  • Dish Gardens
  • Green and Blooming Plants
  • Dance flowers
  • Party / Special Occasion Centerpieces
  • Memorial / Funeral Flowers

Brigido’s floral team will create a stylish arrangement in one of our vases, or bring in your own vase for us to fill. Traditional or sophisticated designs, from Valentines Day to the holidays, Brigido’s is your new local florist!

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